zaterdag 6 februari 2010

DIY: cute scarf out of a shirt!

So I was looking at the site (great site for DIY's by the way!) and I saw this cute scarf. It's easy to make for everyone!

This is the end result.

1. Take an old tee shirt and cut it into 1 inch wide rings. You can use the hem if you want to. Stretch the rings out. I got about 16 rings out of my shirt.
2.Wrap the rings around your hand. The amount of times you want to wrap it around depends on the size of your shirt and how you want the scarf to look. The less times you wrap it, the longer and thinner your scarf will be. The more times, the shorter and chunkier.
3.Remove the fabric strips from your hand, being careful to keep it in the wrapped ring shape. Do this with all the strips. I had 16 rings in all. (My cat likes to get in the way)
4.Cut a little 2 inch long strip of fabric from the sleeves of your tee shirt. Stretch it out, and tie two of the rings together as shown. Tie a tight double knot.
5.Tie together all the rest of the rings, creating a chain. If you want it to be a circlular scarf, tie the two ends together. If you want to keep it a regular scarf, leave it as is. Regardless of the shape, you need to go back and snip off the excess fabric on the ties. Gues what? You're done!

I'll place the direct link to the project here, so you can see it with pictures. Maybe than it's a lot easier to make it. Link:

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